Yamaha Sales results No. 1 Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Bobby SHEWFLUGE Shew YAC Signature $0 Yamaha Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Bobby Shew Signature (YAC SHEWFLUGE Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories Signature,Bobby,Shew,Mouthpiece,/kharua1408819.html,(YAC,$0,Flugelhorn,americandailyjournal.com,Yamaha,SHEWFLUGE,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories Yamaha Sales results No. 1 Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Bobby SHEWFLUGE Shew YAC Signature Signature,Bobby,Shew,Mouthpiece,/kharua1408819.html,(YAC,$0,Flugelhorn,americandailyjournal.com,Yamaha,SHEWFLUGE,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories $0 Yamaha Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Bobby Shew Signature (YAC SHEWFLUGE Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories

Yamaha Sales results No. 1 Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Bobby SHEWFLUGE Shew YAC Signature Max 49% OFF

Yamaha Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Bobby Shew Signature (YAC SHEWFLUGE


Yamaha Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Bobby Shew Signature (YAC SHEWFLUGE

Product description

Yamaha mouthpieces are produced using the most advanced computer design and manufacturing technology, giving them unmatched precision and consistency. The Bobby Shew Signature flugelhorn mouthpiece gives a smooth and silky tone that's great for expressive solos.

From the manufacturer

Yamaha Bobby Shew Flugel Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Yamaha Bobby Shew Jazz Trumpet Mouthpiece Yamaha Bobby Shew Lead Trumpet Mouthpiece
Bobby Shew Flugel Bobby Shew Jazz Bobby Shew Lead
Instrument Flugelhorn Trumpet Trumpet
Cup Diameter 16.54mm 16.85mm 16.54mm
Cup Depth Standard Standard Very shallow
Rim Contour Semi-round Semi-round Semi-round
Rim Thickness Semi-thick Semi-thick Semi-thick
Backbore Long taper Standard Narrow
Throat 4.40mm 3.65mm 3.56mm
Finish Silver plated Silver plated Silver plated
Characteristics The Shew mouthpiece for flugelhorns gives a smooth, silky tone. Note: this mouthpiece has a "standard" shank and may not fit all brands of flugelhorns. A fairly deep roomy cup for a warm, big sound, and a throat and backbore designed to give enough snap for maneuvering through quick jazz passages. The Lead model gives that extra sizzle and high note clarity for playing lead parts. A best-seller, especially for players who want to play "higher, faster, louder!"

Yamaha Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Bobby Shew Signature (YAC SHEWFLUGE

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