Cottage Garden 12 inch Copper Finish Metal favorite Duty 3 Heavy Mesh Lb. $22,Finish,inch,Garden,Patio, Lawn Garden , Outdoor Décor,12,Cottage,,Duty,3,Copper,Metal,Heavy,Lb.,/intensative496542.html,Mesh $22 Cottage Garden 12 inch Copper Finish Heavy Duty Mesh Metal 3 Lb. Patio, Lawn Garden Outdoor Décor $22 Cottage Garden 12 inch Copper Finish Heavy Duty Mesh Metal 3 Lb. Patio, Lawn Garden Outdoor Décor Cottage Garden 12 inch Copper Finish Metal favorite Duty 3 Heavy Mesh Lb. $22,Finish,inch,Garden,Patio, Lawn Garden , Outdoor Décor,12,Cottage,,Duty,3,Copper,Metal,Heavy,Lb.,/intensative496542.html,Mesh

Cottage Garden 12 inch Copper Finish Metal favorite Duty 3 Heavy Mesh Lb. Max 61% OFF

Cottage Garden 12 inch Copper Finish Heavy Duty Mesh Metal 3 Lb.


Cottage Garden 12 inch Copper Finish Heavy Duty Mesh Metal 3 Lb.


Product Description

Invite Beautiful Birds Into Your Landscape and Garden

12 inch Copper Finish Heavy Duty Mesh Metal 3 Lb. Secure Cap Cover Nut Bird Feeder

Hang from durable ring hook from a tree or garden post in your outdoor space or close to a window to enjoy visibility of birds coming and going.

  • Leakproof metal roof and holes in bottom tray for drainage allowing the feed to stay fresh
  • Finial secures cap to the feeder base
  • Slick metal roof top discourages squirrels and chipmunks from thieving the food storage
15 inch Black Matte Metal Mesh Outdoor Hanging Nut and Bird Feeder 15 inch Copper Finish Weather Resistant Outdoor Hanging Bird Seed Feeder Cottage Garden 12 inch Matte Black Heavy Duty Mesh Metal 3 Lb. Secure Cap Cover Nut Bird Feeder Cottage Garden 12 inch Matte Black Heavy Duty Mesh Metal 3 Lb. Dual Nut and Seed Bird Feeder Cottage Garden 12 inch Copper Finish Heavy Duty Mesh Metal 3 Lb. Dual Nut and Seed Bird Feeder
15 inch Matte Black Weather Resistant Metal Mesh Outdoor Hanging Nut Bird Feeder 15 inch Copper Finish Weather Resistant Outdoor Hanging Bird Seed Feeder 12 inch Matte Black Heavy Duty Mesh Metal Secure Cap Cover Nut Bird Feeder 12 inch Matte Black Heavy Duty Mesh Metal Dual Nut and Seed Bird Feeder 12 inch Copper Finish Heavy Duty Mesh Metal Dual Nut and Seed Bird Feeder
Seed Capactiy 1 Lb 1 Lb 3 Lb. 3 Lb. 3 Lb.
Dimensions 15" tall x 4" diameter 15" tall x 4" diameter 12" tall x 8" diameter 12" tall x 8" diameter 12" tall x 8" diameter
Finish Matte Black Copper Tone Matte Black Matte Black Copper Tone

Cottage Garden 12 inch Copper Finish Heavy Duty Mesh Metal 3 Lb.

November 23, 2021

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