Spring new work ALEPAZ Lace Front Bob Wigs Human 13x6x1 Hair T Closure Part $34 ALEPAZ Lace Front Bob Wigs Human Hair T Part 13x6x1 Lace Closure Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Spring new work ALEPAZ Lace Front Bob Wigs Human 13x6x1 Hair T Closure Part $34 ALEPAZ Lace Front Bob Wigs Human Hair T Part 13x6x1 Lace Closure Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Hair,$34,13x6x1,/helm1408990.html,Bob,Human,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,ALEPAZ,Part,T,Wigs,Front,americandailyjournal.com,Lace,Lace,Closure Hair,$34,13x6x1,/helm1408990.html,Bob,Human,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,ALEPAZ,Part,T,Wigs,Front,americandailyjournal.com,Lace,Lace,Closure

Spring new work ALEPAZ Lace Front Bob Wigs Human SALENEW very popular! 13x6x1 Hair T Closure Part

ALEPAZ Lace Front Bob Wigs Human Hair T Part 13x6x1 Lace Closure


ALEPAZ Lace Front Bob Wigs Human Hair T Part 13x6x1 Lace Closure

Product Description

Lace Front Bob Wigs Human Hair Middle T-Part

 T-Part  Bob

Why Choice ALEPAZ Hair

  1. ALEPAZ Hair is committed to let women discover their own charm through wigs, giving them confidence and beauty.
  2. ALEPAZ Hair has its own factory and technical professional workers, and will provide customers with reasonable prices.
  3. ALEPAZ Hair use 100% real human hair to make wigs, and uses soft and breathable high-quality stretch mesh to make hair caps.
  4. ALEPAZ Hair is located in Xuchang, China, a world-famous wig base, and will provide customers with good hair products.
  5. ALEPAZ Hair always puts customers first, will listen to customers' suggestions carefully and strive to improve products.
Lace front Bob Wig Human Hair

FAQ About Wigs

  • Q1. Is it 100% Human Hair?
  • A: this is 100% human hair wig, Our human hair is very smooth. it can blend with your own hair naturally, because it has very minimum tangle and shedding. You will get a very trendy, fashion hair look.
  • Q2. Can I dye it?
  • A:Yes, it’s easier to darken the hair than to lighten it, you can be colored into colors. Consult a professional stylist if you want to dye it. Improper dyeing will destroying the hair.
  • Q3. Hair Wig Smell?
  • A:100% chemical free,it may have local shampoo smell,but can be removed by cowashing with shampoo and conditioner.
  • Q4. How to avoid hair tangling or shedding?
  • A: Please wash your hair with high quality shampoo. Please comb body wave hair with a wide tooth comb daily,Please always consult your stylist before attempting any styling techniques you are unsure.

ALEPAZ Lace Front Bob Wigs Human Hair T Part 13x6x1 Lace Closure

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