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Jumbo Max 66% Year-end annual account OFF 1.25 oz Washable 12 Pack Stick- Glue

Jumbo 1.25 oz Washable Glue Stick- (12 Pack)


Jumbo 1.25 oz Washable Glue Stick- (12 Pack)

Product description

Size:12 Pack

Extra Thick Jumbo Glue Sticks

Our specially selected giant gluesticks are ideal for 3D printing. Its large size and extra wide, 1” diameter adhesion area makes it faster and easier to coat the 3D Print Bed.

As well as being effective, the glue sticks are washable and non-toxic, making them safe for kids and the ideal big glue sticks for classroom use. These gluesticks are even low odor – in fact, they have a slight, pleasant aroma.

We feature this particular jumbo glue stick for 3D Printing not only for its exceptional adhesion - but also because this glue dries clear, and puts a mirror-like shine on the bottom of your 3D print!

AMX3d 3D Printing Tools

Great 3D prints start with the best tools. Providing everything you need for truly spectacular results (just like the ones on the 3D printer box!), AMX3d only sell the highest quality 3D print accessories and toolkits, so you won’t be disappointed.

Jumbo 1.25 oz Washable Glue Stick- (12 Pack)

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