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Men's Max 56% OFF Robe Non-GMO Turkish Cotton Bathrobe Mail order Kimono Soft Terry

Men's Robe, Non-GMO Turkish Cotton Soft Terry Kimono Bathrobe


Men's Robe, Non-GMO Turkish Cotton Soft Terry Kimono Bathrobe

Product description

Made with a Turkish terry cotton interior and soft touch fleece exterior, this elegant men’s spa bathrobe from Bagno Milano makes a great addition to any man’s closet. Featuring a cotton interior and a plush, velour-like fleece exterior, wearing this robe feels like being wrapped in a cloud. Made of Aegean cotton, this robe feels whisper-soft against your body and won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin. Our cotton is sourced from non-GMO, eco-friendly cotton plants grown in Turkey, the home of quality cotton fiber. We never use chemical dyes on our fibers, so you won’t have to worry about harsh compounds irritating your skin or running out in the wash. Our fibers are air-spun with extra space between each strand of cotton, so they’re ultra-plush and absorbent yet never feel bulky or heavy.

The seams on our cotton bathrobe for men are double-stitched for intense durability, even after many washes. Our super-thick and comfortable cotton robes don’t flatten out after wearing and washing. Instead, they spring back into a thick, soft-touch fleece exterior and soft Turkish cotton interior. They retain warmth to keep you comfortable in chilly rooms, yet won’t overheat you when it’s warm outside. Even better, you can machine-wash and dry your new robe and get right back to wearing it in comfort.

A self-tie belt, also made of cotton, pairs with two external pockets to round out the style. This cotton bathrobe for men hits about mid-calf on most men, giving complete coverage and with four different size options and five color choices, you’re sure to find a perfect fit. A spa bathrobe should be comfortable and relaxing. As an essential part of your personal pampering experience, it should smoothly absorb water, retain warmth, and feel soft to the touch. Bagno Milano’s Turkish Cotton Bathrobe for Men provides the ultimate spa feeling in a durable robe.

Men's Robe, Non-GMO Turkish Cotton Soft Terry Kimono Bathrobe

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