Sleeve,Nightshirt,Long/Short,Cotton,Magritta,,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Nightgown,C,$14,Women's,/Howea320555.html Magritta Women's Nightgown Long Short C Nightshirt Sleeve Cotton Miami Mall Sleeve,Nightshirt,Long/Short,Cotton,Magritta,,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Nightgown,C,$14,Women's,/Howea320555.html Magritta Women's Nightgown Long Short C Nightshirt Sleeve Cotton Miami Mall $14 Magritta Women's Nightgown Long/Short Sleeve Cotton Nightshirt C Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $14 Magritta Women's Nightgown Long/Short Sleeve Cotton Nightshirt C Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

Magritta Women's Nightgown Long Short C Nightshirt Sleeve Cotton outlet Miami Mall

Magritta Women's Nightgown Long/Short Sleeve Cotton Nightshirt C


Magritta Women's Nightgown Long/Short Sleeve Cotton Nightshirt C

Product Description

women nightgown

Nightgown for Women Sleeping Short /Long Sleeve Sleep Dress Cute Print Night Shirts Comfy Sleepwear.


Material:Soft and comfortable, good breathability, light weight, loose and casual.

Features:Round neck, knee-length, two styles to choose from-short sleeve/long sleeve; multiple print styles, pullover style.

How to Care:Easy to clean,machine or hand wash is available.Do not Bleach.Tumble Dry Low or Line Dry.

Garment Include:1 x Women Pajamas

Customer's Satisfaction Is Our Priority: If you’re not satisfied with your purchase for any reason. Just tell us and we will do our best to give you the most satisfactory solution.

Nightgown for Women Sleeping Short / Long Sleeve Sleep Dress Cute Print Night Shirts Comfy Sleepwear S-XXL

women sleepdress

Product Details:

  • Extremely soft and skin-friendly,medium weight for season-spanning wear.

  • Loose cutting for a roomier fit,supersoft roomy slipover styling give you room to move.

  • The night shirt has cute print on the front,semi-shallow scoop neck will highlight your collarbone while elongating and slimming your silhouette.

  • Style:Long/short sleeve style, knee length, boyfriend style pajamas hit the middle of the thigh, loose cut to leave more space for you, suitable for any body shape.
women nightdress

Magritta Women's Nightgown Long/Short Sleeve Cotton Nightshirt C

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